Carol Blackman Weinberg - 02/06/2009

I am requesting assistance with translating the following vital record documents:

  • Document #1: Record 113
  • Document #2:  Record 904
  • Document#3: Record 364
  • Document #4: Record 218
  • Document #5:  Record 37
Thank you very much for assisting us with this valuable service.
Carol Blackman Weinberg


  1. #1:113
    marriage - 23 april/29 nissan, ketubah at 60 rubles
    groom: aged 70(?), widower Shim?el Berk'ov-Yankel'ev LISIZKI from Zelvyansk of Valkovskiy Uyezd
    bride: aged 46, divorced, Rivka Leim'ova MIKLAJSKI(?), from Orlyansk

    birth - 12/19 december 11/18 tebet 1898, in Bialystok, son of Ta(bres?) Yavel'evich MIKLAJSKI and Hana Pinhas'ovna, named Yael?

    death - 9 october/21 tishri(?), male, aged 2 years 4 months, inflammation of kidneys, baby of Caley? Tobres'ovich MIKLAJSKI, named Or??

    birth - 5 june or jule/8 tamuz? 1888, in Orlyansk?, son of Tobres? Jovel'evich? MIKLAJSKI and Hana Pinhas'ovna, named Morduh

    birth - 16/23 january 13/20 shevat 1896, in Bialystok, son of To?res Jovel'evich MIKLAJSKI from Orlyansk? and Hana Pinhas'ovna, named Abram

    Friendly Yours, Kazinova Ekaterina

  2. Dear Ekaterina
    Thank you so much for translating these documents. I am very grateful for your help.

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