Elynn Boss - 02/06/2009

I'd like to know if I have translated this gravestone correctly, and if not, what the correct translation is.  If Pesach Tov is correct in the translation, what exactly does that mean?

My translation

Here lies Mr Tsvi son of the honored Zev Beyron
Died Pesach Tov 22 Nissan 5683
May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life

Thanks very much
Elynn Boss

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  1. "Beyron" is not the right transliteration. It should be "Berg" or something like that. The last letter must be a Gimel, not a Nun, because a Nun at the end of a word takes a very distinctive final form..

    The correct translation is "Mr Tzvi the son of Zev Berg, deceased with a good reputation [Niftar BeShem Tov] 22nd Nisan 5683.
    May His Soul be Bound in the Bundle of Life."

  2. I believe that it says "B'shem Tov" rather than Pesach Tov. B'Shem Tov would mean "with a good name.

  3. Joe Slater is most probably right about the Gimmel vs. Nun explanation. When you look at the death year התרפ"ג the last letter is definitely a Gimmel and looks similar to the last letter of the last name. Hence - Berg.


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