Geoff Munitz - 02/06/2009


I hope someone will be able to translate the atatched document which is in Russian and I am led to believe iit s a travel warrant for my great aunt.

Thank you

Geoff Munitz


  1. This one appears to be an excerpt from "Metric Book" done 30 Jan 1907. Handwritten text is about first marriage of G???? Haimov (son of Haim) MURLIS and Golda Itzkovna (daughter of Itzka) MUNITZ, aged 24 on 18 december 1905 in town Vidzy of Kovno/KowieĊ„ska/ Gubernia.
    Friendly yours, Kazinova Ekaterina.

  2. Dear Ekaterina
    Thank you so much for translating this document. I was always led to believe it was a travel document for my aunt who emigrated to England in 1907. Now I know and am thrilled to have the date of the marriage. Golda married Gedilah Monish aka Murlis / Moormish.
    Thanks again.


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