Herb Weisberg - 02/24/2009

Please help me translate this document to English - it was a postcard. 
The writing may be in German?
Herb Weisberg


  1. On the 10th Oct 1907 HH SCHLESINGER in Minneapolis is writing in German to an unknown peron {very respectfully} We cannot see the addressee's name. He asks if he/she/they can help out by giving some work, or perhaps the fare money, to two young people who are his relatives and who are currently without a job in NY. They cannot afford the fare to Minneapolis.

    Their names are Chaimleib and Jakob Haskalovici.

    It is hard to read this as most of it is the wrong way up - but that is the gist of it! The German is not very good either.

  2. Sorry - peron should read "person"


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