Lisa Glowatz Bracco - 03/09/2009

I would appreciate help in translating the marriage certificate (in two parts because of its size) of Szejna Glowacz and David Wrona.  The marriage took place in Lomza in 1864 in Ostrlenka, Russia.  The document is in Polish.  I am especially interested in the names of the bride's parents but would welcome all information that can be translated.

Thanks so much.

Lisa Glowatz Bracco


  1. Dear Lisa,
    I would be happy to help you with a traslation. I have searched this page but cannot find your email address. Please contact me at
    Andrzej Selerowicz

  2. Dear Andrzej;

    you translate it here "in situ" so we can all see it, learn and comment if possible.
    See the two German ones I have translated above. There was one very valid comment to one of my translations. If you reply privately we do not have a chance to do this. In this case, I could not help at all.

    Also the poster must remember to look back to see if anyone has replied.


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