Shlomo Yaakov Rapaport - 02/06/2009

I would be interested in help to translate this from Yiddish. I understand that these are two of my great Aunts. Sisters of my great gran father Ephraim Fishel Rokeach  1/- Ethel- probably Esther -whose married name was Aaronson and her sister 1/Zlata whose married named was Shapiro and is buried here somewhere in Israel.  I just can't figure out who is who?? Can anyone understand a hint from the translation of what was on the back of the picture which i send here???

Shlomo Yaakov Rapaport

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  1. The card was written by Aunt Zlata, to her niece Leah (Leyele) and Leah's husband and children. It only says it is a photo of Aunt Esther and herself; it does not say who stands left or right.

  2. Excuse me Shlomo, but are you the author of The Doctor's Plot of 1953?


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