Wayne Frankel - 03/09/2009

I was hoping for some help with this matzevah - it is unfortunately a photocopy of a photo; I  hope to get the original at some point, but this is all I have to work with for now.

I can read some essential parts of it already - her name was Ester Mirel daughter of Yermye (Sigiel) HaCohn, her husband was Abram Simon HaLevi, I think.  And her name and her father's name is encrypted partly as large letters throughout the rest of the poem.  But the quality of the image combined with my inexperience with Hebrew I can't quite get either the date of her death, or her age (either would do, since we know her birthdate.

I would appreciate any help that you can give with add'l information, mainly her date or year of death (or age).

Thank you,

Wayne Frankel


  1. She died Friday 26th (Mar)heshvan 5672, which corresponds to 17 Nov 1911.
    The 2nd line after "Esther Mirel" finishes with "B'yom Vav"=Friday. This is followed with Ayin-Shin-Kof (Erev Shabbat Kodesh), then follows the date month and year finishing with the glyph that combines a lamed and a peh that means that the thousands are left out of the year. There is also a "stray" Shin which is probably short for "Year"

  2. Date is Sabbath Eve, 27 Cheshvan 5672

  3. hi,

    it reads "The modest and distinguished woman -Mrs Esther Mirel

    daughter of Rav Yermiya the Cohen, of blessed memory, wife of Rabbi Avraham the Levi, Ziman. Died on Friday, Eve of Shabbat, 26th Mar Cheshvan,5672 (17 November 1911)"

    That is the beginning. The rest is quite difficult but I can give it a go if you are interested.

    Ettie -beycorp@hotmail.com

  4. The very last letters on the stone stand for T;he neshmatah tzrurah bthor hachayim which means May her soul be sound in the bond of everlasting life.

  5. Hi, its Wayne here. Thanks for everyone's input - by email and here (about 20 responses!!!). I have a really good picture of what it says now (including the date). Thanks again! Wayne


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