Irene R Salaza - 01/12/2009

Need help w/grandfather Harry Stone's WWI draft card.  I have no trace before Lower East Side.

1.  Can anyone decipher his birth CITY NAME in Russia?  He usually just said "in Grodno".

2.  Can anyone read name of the NEWSPAPER where he worked?  (Also its address if possible)

He spoke Yiddish, Russian, German, English... newspaper could be in any of those.

I can read the rest.  ANY tips/help tracing him appreciated.

Irene R Salaza
Maryland, USA


  1. Address of Newspaper: 14 Union Street. Go to, type in 14 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY, and you'll see the address located on the East River waterfront, across from the lower tip of Manhattan. If he lived on Orchard Street, located in the Lower East Side, he could have crossed over either the Brooklyn Bridge or Manhattan Bridge to get to work.

  2. To find out the name and address of the newspaper, look in a 1917 New York City city directory for the business section, especially for listings by category. Your public library may be able to help. Also, look on the Internet for New York City (public) libraries and find out what research services they provide.

    If no one can read the city of birth, you or someone else could try to access the original draft card. According to
    "The WWI Draft Registration Cards Today -
    The original records are kept at the National Archives—Southeast Region in East Point, Georgia."

  3. I tried some "image correction" on the file.
    Best I can do is Twolst for town in Russia.
    First letter looks like a "T" to me, but I can swear to it.

    Anna Reuter


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