Back To The Future - In Art

IT'S like humanity's two-way memory lane through art, back and forth. "Memories for Tomorrow: Works from the UBS Art Collection" recounts some collective memories of mankind as well as individual recollections and dreams.

The UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) Art Collection is comprised of artworks from the 1950s to the present, created by artists worldwide, from China to Colombia, Albania to Australia.

The exhibition of selected works by 19 artists in the collection is underway at the Shanghai Art Museum.

The exhibition opens with "The J. Street Project" by Susan Hiller, a monumental work comprised of around 300 framed photos, plus a wall-mounted index of nearly 300 place names and a map.
Hiller spent three years locating and photographing every rural lane, town square, street and alleyway in Germany whose name includes the word Jude, the German for Jew. Jews had settled there from the 4th century and many place names refer to these old communities. However, after the Nazis came to power, they removed all names related to Jews. After World War II, many Jewish place names were restored.
When the visitors scan these pictures on the wall, the street signs can be easily missed amid the ordinary street scene. Through the work, Hiller tries to tell how easily history can be forgotten and then tragically repeated. (Source:

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