Success! Discovering Grandparents And A Half-Sister – All During The First Two Week's Of Class!

As many of you know, I offer the JewishGen Basic Genealogy Course. I am always inspired and amazed by the family connections that are made as a result of taking this online, easy to follow class. As the course continues during the summer, I plan to post updates on our progress and interesting stories from the class.

The story below comes from a person who is currently enrolled in the Basic Genealogy Course. Before reading this, remember that the course only began 2 weeks ago! Enjoy, be inspired and feel free to leave your own inspiring stories in the comment section below. Who knows, you may just be the subject of my next post!

Here is the story:

“Since signing up for this basic genealogy class I have been on an amazing journey which I would like to share with you. When I made my first post to the forum to see if there was any information about my grandparents, Harry and Gussie Schrieber I was hopeful but did not expect an immediate response from Annette Stolberg who is on the JewishGen Index team.

She responded that she knew my grandparents!

We compared information. I had the 1920 and 1930 census data and their naturalization papers. Since she grew up in Rochester, where my grandparents settled, she was able to give me amazing leads. We spoke on the phone. She did detective work for me, calling cousins I did not know I had. She was able to give me phone numbers (with their permission) and I spoke to my first cousin who told me where my grandparents are buried but most importantly she told me I have a half sister I had no idea about! My half sister Susan has been searching for me her whole life. When we talked it was the best and happiest moment. She lives in San Francisco.

We are planning a visit soon.

But this weekend I will meet family in Rochester and visit the graves of my father and grandparents. And I will meet Annette who made this all possible.”

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