A Torturous Day for Humanity

I awoke early this morning and ran to my computer. I was looking, praying, that the news would greet me with joyous video clips and pictures of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser returning home to the warm, tearful embraces of their family. Instead, I saw the AFP headline: “Hezbollah hands over dead Israeli soldiers in swap”. I clicked over to the Jerusalem Post, and saw the devastating headline: “Hizbullah transfers two coffins to Israel”.

This blog is not political, and will not focus on political debate. But let us not limit ourselves to researching the devastation and the attempted destruction of world Jewry that occurred over 50 years ago in Europe. Today two families joined thousands of others who have experienced personal holocausts, where their own personal world has been destroyed. Were these two soldiers not the entire world to their family and friends?

There will yet be time for consolation and moving forward, but today is a time for weeping, mourning and reflection.

We will never forget.

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