Additions to Holocaust Database

17 new datafiles have been added to JewishGen's Holocaust Database. You can view the complete list of databases here. The list below will soon be updated to include links directly to specific databases.
  • Krakow Transport List (6,701)
  • French Prisoners in Stutthof (237)
  • Ahlem Hospital Survivors (243)
  • Sarajevo Survivors Who Went to Palestine, December 1948 (1,553)
  • Daugavpils (Dvinsk) Ghetto List 05-Dec-1941 (962)
  • Rochlitz Hungarian Women (197)
  • Lódz Ghetto Work Identification Cards (2,195)
  • Passports of German Jews (500)
  • Mszana Dolna, Poland 15-Jun-1942 Census (1,036)
  • Natzweiler-Struthof Camp (33,722)
  • Teis-Dambovita Camp Prisoners 1 October 1941 (1,234)
  • Zagreb Survivor Lists (1,201)
  • Natzweiler Medical Experiments (86)
  • Danzig and Polish Nationals Who Were Refugees in Mauritius (340)
  • S.S. Astir Passenger Manifest (184)
  • Bucharest Students (1,376 records)
  • Auschwitz-Buchenwald Transport -- 22-Jan-1945 and 26-Jan-1945 (4,359)
It is not possible to list all the volunteers, JewishGen staff, SIG members, and members of other organizations who have contributed to the Holocaust Database. We are grateful for their efforts. However, we cannot fail to mention Michael Tobias and Warren Blatt, without whose help this database would not be online.

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  1. I think it is great the these databases have been made available, but I don't understand why to takes over two years for the SIGS to get their new databases of BDM records uploaded to the JewishGen databases. Volunteers get discouraged when the translate data or make donations to have data translated and have to wait two years to see the data put on line.


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