and – An Exciting Opportunity (I)

After Warren Blatt (Managing Director of JewishGen) finished the first part of his presentation at the JewishGen session, he introduced Dr. David Marwell, Director of the Museum of Jewish Heritage, to offer some commentary and explanation about the exciting new agreement between and

Dr. Marwell reiterated many of the same points that he spoke about the previous night at the Ancestry session. Interrupted by frequent laughter and applause, Dr. Marwell stressed that the negotiations between and were marked by goodwill and mutual respect.

Here is Dr. Marwell’s basic summation of this exciting new agreement:

  1. All JewishGen data (included in this agreement) will be freely available on Ancestry (in addition to JewishGen).
  2. Ancestry will provide “pipe and power” which translates into improved bandwidth and technical infrastructure, leading to a more stable and robust user experience.
  3. JewishGen will receive a percentage of the revenue that Ancestry derives from its subscriptions (in addition to the percentage of revenue that JewishGen receives from those who subscribe to Ancestry as a result of attending this conference).
  4. Ancestry will provide JewishGen with a number of consulting hours to improve our site and the overall user experience.
  5. JewishGen will consult with Ancestry and help them understand our community in order to develop tools that will be more helpful for Jewish genealogical research.
  6. JewishGen appreciates that JRI-Poland and Litvak SIG have permitted us to include their databases in this new and exciting agreement.
More to follow...

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