Bessarabia Vital Records Database Update

The Bessarabia Vital Records Database has just been updated. There are now over 123,000 records in the database. This update includes births, deaths, marriages and divorces. The records are from Kishinev, Baltsy, Bendery and a few births from Chimishliya. You can access the database by clicking here.
We are looking for more people who are fluent in Russian or Hebrew to continue the work of indexing the records from Bessarabia. These records include birth, marriage, divorce and death records.

This work requires that you have Excel on your computer, the ability to receive graphic images in JPEG format and can transliterate the records from Russian or Hebrew. These records will be entered into an Excel template so that this file can be converted to a searchable database on JewishGen.

Contact me at if you are interested in volunteering for this project.

Bob Wascou
Project Coordinator
Bessarabia Vital Records Indexing Project

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