An Amazing Journey (Part 2 of 3)

By Donna Erickson

One evening, something led me to the computer. I thought I would have one last try at  I found a message board in the Discussion Group Archives I hadn’t seen before. After searching for Kowensky, a strange letter popped up. It had been posted a year earlier. I read with disbelief. The letter was written to my family. Nora was searching for us! 

A copy of the letter appears below:

Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 13:57:56 -0700
From: Nora Jenkin
Subject: Re: Family of Philip KOWENSKY or Philip Kowen

I am researching the family of my father, Louis KOWENSKY, b. 8 May 1888, in Stalkliskes, Russia (now Lithuania). Louis and his brother Philip immigrated to North America, via Leeds, UK, some time in 1904. Louis came to Montreal but Philip went to Boston, MA, USA.

I do not know whether Philip went to Ellis Island or not. I do know that Philip married and I believe that her name was Sarah Levitt. I have a copy of her Application for Social Security which tells me that she was born 15 October 1893. According to Ancestry,com she died in 1971.

I have recently found some snapshots of her four children, Lillian Doris, possibly b. 1917-20; Alan Summer who was younger; Estelle Rita, also younger and Bobby who was the infant in the family.

Philip was, I believe, killed in a car accident when Bobby was a baby, or possibly just before his birth. Nothing much was ever told to me about my Father's parents, because he was afraid for their lives as he and his brother escaped from Russia when my father was only 15 or 16. I do not know if he was the eldest. My father lost contact with the American family after the death of Philip.

I would like any of Philip's children or grandchildren to contact me if they are interested in researching their family roots. They may know some things that I do not. I do have some information regarding the brothers and would be happy to share it with any family member who is interested.

Thank you for allowing me to use your services to post this notice.
Nora (Kowensky) Jenkin

As soon as I saw my mother’s name, Lillian Doris, I screamed. Then I cried. It was so emotional. It was a miracle...

To Be Continued

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