HTML volunteers needed for the ShtetLinks Project

By: Susana Leistner Bloch
When we submitted a previous message, asking for volunteers to help create ShtetLinks web pages several people responded and we now have 10 dedicated and overworked volunteers.
We have a long waiting list of people who have significant material about their ancestral town/ shtetl and would like to create a web page dedicated to the Jewish community that once lived there. Unfortunately, they do not have the necessary technical skills to create a webpage.
Our web pages are Cyberspace Yizkor Books. Just as the former residents and survivors of a shtetl took it upon themselves to record all they could remember and publish a Yizkor Book in memory of the Jewish community that once lived there, so we, the next generation, should make sure that whatever we have, every little bit of information that sheds light on the lives of our people is recorded and preserved.
If you have the necessary skills, we urge you to volunteer and help someone create a web page dedicated to a shtetl / town and in this way honor and memorialize the Jewish community that once lived there and provide a valuable resource for future generations of their descendants.

Susana Leistner Bloch
VP, ShtetLinks, JewishGen, Inc.

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