Basile Ginger - 01/08/2009

Please help me translate this marriage record from Poland. (Click on the picture to enlarge)

Basile Ginger

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  1. It's a marriage record from Bychawa dated November 12, 1856.
    The groom was Iciek Hochman, single, 18 years old, living in Izbica, peddler/stall-keeper, son of Hil Jankel (not longer living) and Golda Hochman (living in Izbica, peddler/stall-keeper).
    The bride was Itta Kaufman, single, 18 years old, living in village Kielczewice, born in village Czesto Borowice, in Krasnostaw district, Lublin Gubernia, daughter of Abraham and Rywka Kaufman (daughter of Gierszon, living from renting out a mill.


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