Marga Wingstedt - 02/06/2009

Would it be possible to translate for me the birth- certificates which we received from the polish archive.

1. Sieradzki Avraham Yacob my husbands father 2. Sieradzki Wolek Borek, his brother 3. Sieradzki Zajnvel, his brother

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Marga Wingstedt

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  1. First:
    Registered in gmina Majaczewice 20(?) september 1901.
    father - David Sieradzki, aged 26, weaver from Burzenin.
    baby - male, born in Burzenin, 19 september 1901, 1 after midnight, named Abram Yankel.
    mother - Shaina Faiga nee KARO/KORO, aged 26.

  2. Second:
    Registered 2/15 april 1907 in Burzenin.
    Father - David Sieradzki, weaver from Burzenin, aged 32.
    baby - male, born in Burzenin, 1/14 april 1907, 6 p.m., named Zainvel.
    mother - Shaina Faiga nee KARO, aged 32.
    Witness - Zalma Sieradzki, aged 51 and Shlyama Raih, aged 41.

  3. Third same as First, on both Witness - Solomon Sieradzki, aged 45 and Moshek Raih, aged 32.

  4. Fourth same as Second.
    Friendly yours, Kazinova Ekaterina.


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