Free Room at the 2009 IAJGS Conference - Last Chance!

By: Anne Feder Lee
Last reminder that the deadline for eligibility in the drawing for a free room at the Sheraton during the conference week – to be eligible you must register for the conference and the hotel on or before March 28. Please go to and click on the Registration button to learn more details about this great prize.  The drawing will be held during the first week of April and the winner notified shortly thereafter.
Other conference news: The preliminary program will be on the website about April 1. You will be impressed and excited by the many wonderful sessions that will take place. 
  • Click on the Research Opportunities button to see a wonderful Philadelphia Resource Guide. This is must reading to learn about all the resources available for carrying out research while there.
  • Click on the button for Jewish History of Philadelphia to learn about the rich Jewish history of the city.
  • Click on the button for Sightseeing so you can start to plan which of the many museums, historical sites and other activities you want to enjoy while in Philadelphia.
  • Click on the Getting the Most out of the Conference button for a download that you are sure to find helpful.
  • Click on the Conference Discussion Group button and join this group so you can ask questions, share information, and learn more.
  • Click on all the buttons and spend some time reading all that is there – you will see that this is a conference you don’t want to miss!   
Yes, more information is added as we get it – so do check back often!


  1. Does the conference publish a guide for beginners or can you tell me where I could purchase one?

  2. The conference does not publish a beginners guide. However, we will be having a wonderful beginner's workshop on Sunday, August 2. A book is always useful, but attending such a workshop can be even more rewarding and instructive.

    A good book is "Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy" by Gary Mokotoff and Warren Blatt. Order here:

    I should also mention that after the conference is over, audio CDs of many sessions will be available for purchase. How to order those will be available later on the conference website.
    Anne Feder Lee


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