Happy Birthday Miami Beach

By Ann Rabinowitz

Selling Early Miami Beach, March 17, 1913

Today is the 94th birthday of the City of Miami Beach as it was incorporated as a city on March 26, 1915.  By many standards, it is a young and vibrant city in comparison to many others in America which have old and staid beginnings.  It was often known as the Jewish Riviera and many families from the New York Metropolitan area as well as the mid-west found a winter home within its boundaries.  There were also permanent residents who later retired to the city.
For those researching the Jewish community on Miami Beach and its origins, rather than taking the usual route of searching for records, you can start your search with a visual look at the City and its residents.  This can be done by searching in the Historic Photo Gallery which is to be found on the City of Miami Beach web site.  There you will find not only photographs, but a video.
Another helpful photo archive is to be found on the web site for the Jewish Museum of Florida. You will also find photographic archives at the Historical Museum of South Florida.
 Miami Beach in the 1920's
So, for those of you who have fond memories of Miami Beach from visiting your grandparents or relatives or just going there for spring break in your youth, take out your photos today and relive the joys of remembering the good old days on the beach.

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  1. I remember fondly my time spent in Miami at the various hotel's. The Saxony for Passover, the Caribbean, the Sans Souci...its a different generation today. Thank you Ann for this lovely article.


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