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By: Ann Rabinowitz
The following is an an update to this post.
Many Irish Jewish families as well as others from around the world were to be found in the archives and it is well-worth searching for them by name.  Not only was their personal family information to be found, but there was historical information available as well.  For instance, a valuable article, “An Irishman’s Diary” appeared in the Thursday, May 29, 2008 edition of the paper, (available here), and told of a fascinating walking tour of Jewish Dublin.
Another means of gleaning information from the archives is to plug in ethnic designations such as the word Hebrew where you will find approximately 8,060 entries.  You may also plug in the word “Jew”.  There you will find many references of great interest, in fact, 47,080 entries from 1858 to 2009! 

The third mention of Jews in the paper is from its Paris correspondent in the Saturday, April 16, 1859 edition.  Basically, it deals with the Austrian prohibition regarding the hiring of what amounts to Christian servants or shabbes goys:

I have taken the following paragraph from the “Constitutionel”, which shows how very intolerant is the Austrian Government.  
“Within the last few days a good deal has been said of the steps take by the heads of two powerful Jew families, that of Rothschild and Montefiore, to obtain from the Government that the measure which defends Jews from engaging Christian servants might be repealed.  This measure has caused much discontent to the whole Jewish population.  The exasperation is great amongst the families which belong to the bank, and one is astonished to see the Government thus hurt the feelings of people who can prove so useful to it.”

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