Hitler's Children

Posted By Ann Rabinowitz
Recently, I received a message about a documentary film project entitled “Hitler’s Children” which is being produced by Israeli documentary director and producer Chanoch Ze’evi. The project is expected to elicit a mesmerizing dialogue between the children of the Hitler’s elite perpetrators such as Himmler, Frank, Goering, and von Ribbentrop, and the children of Holocaust survivors. It proposes to be a riveting discussion of how these children have come to terms with the crimes of their parents, uncles and grandparents.

Some of the children have met Jews for the first time, some have married children of Holocaust survivors and others have been sterilized so that their family name is brought to an end. The children, now adults, are to be brought to Israel to meet with the children of Holocaust survivors for an interaction and resolution, if possible.

The project can both be read about and viewed in detail on the following site: www.mayapro10.com. The film clip on the web site is a must see to get an impression of the way in which the film will play out when finished. It is a remarkable search for answers and perhaps some closure for those involved. Well worth watching the clip.

In addition to this film project, a book was produced by Gerald Posner in 1991entitled “Hitler’s Children: Sons and Daughters of Leaders of the Third Reich Talk About Themselves and Their Fathers”. It was the first attempt to obtain interviews with a dozen of the children of the Nazi elite. An excerpt can be found at the following site: http://www.posner.com/book4.htm.

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