Help Needed: Looking for Hidden Children

A request was received from Dr. Sheryl Needle Cohn, asking for information about children hidden in Quaregnon, Belgium.  Dr. Cohn is specifically seeking former hidden children who were hidden by the Destrain family.  The family owned a bakery in Quaregnon, and they hid Jewish children (and guns) in flour sacks in their attic. Dr. Cohn is writing a book and she would like to interview these “flour children” or their adult children.

If you have any information on the Destrain family from Quaregnon, please contact Dr. Cohn directly at:

Dr. Sheryl Needle Cohn
University of Central Florida
College of Education
South Lake Campus
1250 No. Hancock Rd
Clermont, FL 34711

Click here to email Dr. Vohn, or here to visit her website.

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