Tuesday, August 25, 2009

זעץ דיין דאָקומענט - Translate your documents from Yiddish

Yiddish has taken another high-tech step on the information highway — Google, which bills itself as the most popular English-language search engine in the world, just introduced a Yiddish version.
Google isn't saying why it added Yiddish to its roster of common and more-obscure language sites, which includes Afrikaans, Latvian and Punjabi. It didn't make a formal announcement, and a Google spokesman did not return a call for comment from this paper. (JWR)
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Note: You can view this blog in Yiddish (or any other language offered by Google) by clicking the Google Translate feature on the right hand part of this page.


  1. There is also an official Google search page in Yiddish - http://www.google.com/intl/yi/

  2. this is amazing. I have used this previously for help with other languages, but I have many documents in Yiddish that have been inaccessible to me up until now. I think it's time to get a Yiddish font installed!


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