Volunteer Spotlight: Iris Folkson

Iris Folkson
Technical Service Manager
If you are a regular user of JewishGen, and even if you are not, be sure to thank Iris Folkson the next time you are able to retrieve information from our website. 
Iris began volunteering for JewishGen in 1996, a time when a forty five minute wait for a dial-up modem internet connection was not uncommon. Since that time, Iris has become JewishGen’s volunteer Technical Service Manager and spends at least one to two hours per day uploading files to JewishGen’s Family Tree of the Jewish People (FTJP), creating new mailing lists and mailboxes for members and volunteers when necessary, and maintaining the JGID whenever there are duplicate registrations. She also makes herself available to answer technical questions concerning website operations.  And she does this all in her spare time! 
Iris works full time at a general practice law firm – when she is not helping JewishGen, that is. She started her career as a bookkeeper thirty five years ago, and has expanded her role to include systems administrator.  It is fortunate for JewishGen that Iris enjoys working with computers. She is so interested in them that she built a computer from scratch on her own six years ago.  You could call her a modern day Renaissance woman!
In addition to all this, Iris is an avid Yankee fan.  She has two grown sons, one grandchild and currently resides with her husband in Douglaston, New York, along with their American Eskimo dog, Baby, who was adopted through the internet.
Iris, on behalf of the thousands of researchers who utilize JewishGen to connect with relatives and learn about their family history and heritage – THANK YOU!
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  1. Hi Iris, I haven't heard from you in a long time. Please contact me - I have actually made some headway in my Grubman search. My email is the same. I think yours has changed since I last emailed you. Ella

  2. Hi Iris - it has been awhile since we emailed. Great Job. Contact me - I have added some Grubman information.

  3. Thank you Iris!

  4. thanks Iris for all your hard work.


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