Project to properly bury Holocaust victims planned

An international initiative to give Holocaust victims interred in mass graves a proper Jewish burial will be launched in Eastern Europe.
The Dignity Return project is being organized by Yuri Kanner, president of the Russian Jewish Congress, in cooperation with Rabbi Marc Schneier, chairman of the World Jewish Congress American Section.
The project's mission is to bury the remains of victims of mass execution from Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Estonia in a manner acceptable under Jewish law.
Kanner and Schneier expect the initiative to inspire thousands of volunteers from around the world, according to a joint news release.
"As we move further away from the Shoah, the number of those who can share a personal experience from this atrocity grows smaller," Schneier said in the statement. "As a result, it is increasingly up to those who were born after the Holocaust to preserve and protect their stories and these sites so that Holocaust revisionists will be unable to change history, and our call of 'Never again' will continue to resonate from one generation to the next." (JPOST)

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  1. i just blogged today about the transylvania holocaust memorial museum at Never Again!

  2. This sounds rather complex. This could amount to over one million bodies. Although most of the bodies are of Jews, can that be said for all of them? Where would they be buried? I wonder if at this point it might make more sense to make sure these mass graves are (all) identified and preserved. A brief search on the internet did not reveal much information about the Russian Jewish Congress. I think this idea needs to be thoroughly vetted by the Jewish world, and also by the countries involved.

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  4. The Atlanta Committee for the Protection & Preservation of Holocaust Mass Graves would like to collaborate in this initiative. Please let us know how we can participate. Just read your 9/1 press release. Thanks


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