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Posted by Sam Schleman
We have exciting news for those who are researching the Transylvania region of Hungary.
We have recently acquired a considerable number of register images from Bihar megye, which should contain around 12,000 to 15,000 records of births and marriages from this region. As you probably know, these records have been inaccessible until a few years ago and are not available on films from the Mormons.
These records primarily include Oradea (Nagy Varad), Valea lui mihai (Er-Mihalyfalva), Margitta,  and Alesd, as well as those of several smaller towns and villages in the region. You are receiving this email because you listed one or more of these towns in the JGFF.
In order to both cover the expenses incurred in obtaining these records, as well to ensure their transcription and entry into the All-Hungarian Database, we are seeking both contributions to our Transylvania records fund and volunteers to help transcribe the records.
Donations can be made to the Transylvania records fund by clicking here. Please make sure your donation goes to the Transylvania fund or we will be unable to apply it to this project. 
If we are able to raise funds in excess of what is needed to cover the expenses for these records, we shall seek to acquire other Transylvania records. If we are unable to acquire additional records, any excess funds will go into the H-SIG general fund.
Those persons who contribute $50 or more, or who transcribe a minimum of 500 records will receive a copy of the complete spreadsheets produced as a result of this undertaking. This is the only way by which these spreadsheets can be obtained. These spreadsheets will be sent as soon as they become available, whereas the AHD may not be updated with these records until some months later.
One may also mix their contribution by donating $25 and transcribing at least 250 records.
Even if you wish to help transcribe, we also encourage you to make a donation, so that we may cover the expenses of this project.
We will fund and transcribe this project as a whole; we shall not fund or assign records by town. If your interest is Margitta, for example, you will still likely be assigned records from other towns for transcribing, and you will receive spreadsheets for all the towns.
This project is expected to begin around late October or early November. Anyone who wants to help transcribe these records should please email me by clicking here.

Sam Schleman
Project Coordinator
Hungarian Vital Records Project

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