Amazing Video of Anne Frank

The only known video footage ever recorded of Anne Frank is now showing on YouTube - and not surprisingly has become an instant hit.

The video was released Wednesday by the Anne Frank House of Amsterdam in honor of YouTube's new Anne Frank Channel, which contains existing and new images of the Jewish teenager and interviews with her father and others who knew her.

The 21-second, black-and-white video, filmed on July 22, 1941 about a year before Anne and her family went into hiding, shows the front of an Amsterdam apartment building where Anne and her family lived.

Nine seconds into the film you can see a brief glimpse of Anne, age 13, leaning out of a second-floor window trying to catch a glimpse of her next-door-neighbor who just got married.

That couple, still married and living in the Netherlands today, gave a shorter version of the footage to Anne's father, Otto Frank, in the 1950s. The Anne Frank House contacted the couple in the 1990s to ask if they had a longer version.

Click here to read the entire article. The video can be viewed below.

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