Auschwitz Tattoo Numbers Photography Project

Guest post by Margarita Lackó
Some of you might have seen me with two badges at the 29th IAJGS Conference. One was the Philly2009 badge and the other one had a photograph of an arm bearing a number. The latter was to promote awareness in a new project. Gabriella Y. Karin, a sculptor and Holocaust survivor (and my aunt), began this project because she realized that there is no visual catalogue that identifies the survivors of Auschwitz.

The blurred lines of a serial number on a forearm are the image of the Holocaust. The tattoos of the survivors symbolize the brutality of the concentration camps. There is no official document that identifies the people who were subjected to having these numbers tattooed on their arms. With this project, we are trying to make a visual documentation of this barbaric happening. If possible, please help us assemble information about as many people as we can reach.

  1. We need a photograph of the person showing their tattoo
  2. Photo of the forearm with the number plus a close-up of the number
  3. Full name (including maiden name if applicable), city and country where the person lives
  4. The tattoo number written clearly
Please contact:
Gabriella Y. Karin
c/o Los Angeles Museum of Holocaust
6435 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Telephone: 323-934-7987

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