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Dear JewishGen,

Shalom, I was so happy to hear from you yesterday and to be able to donate a small sum to Jewish Gen. I am so very grateful for Jewish Gen because it led me to my family history and a marvelous ancient nexus to my past!!

The great wealth of knowledge of generational history and heritage which I gleaned from your website will always be priceless beyond belief to me and my family. I learned of my family names both going back to the middle ages in Europe.

This was the most exciting family information that has ever entered in my life and I am a senior citizen.

I learned of part of my family who still own ceramic pottery and crystal manufacturers in Europe which led me to remember my grandmothers great interest in sculpting pottery etc and my own interest in sculpting. I still own some of my grandmother's sculpture prototypes and look upon them with my reflections of Jewish Gen information that relates to skills apparently inherited from our Jewish roots. I learned of family names who were in the holocaust and was very saddened.

I am so glad that Jewish Gen was there for me in my search for Jewish roots and was able to help friends look up their Jewish past as well. What a marvelous joy it is to be able to have Jewish Gen to link us to our historic and magnificent Hebraic past.

Shalom rav to all there on staff,

Beth Palmer
Palm Spring, CA
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