Update: Hungarian Database

Posted by Sam Schleman

I am pleased to announce an update to the JewishGen Hungarian Database.

We have added approximately 15,000 birth, marriage and death records.

We have added records from Ajak; Anarcs; Apagy; Balkany; Beregszasz, including records from Mezö-Vári and Mezö-Kászony; Bonyhad, both Neolog and Orthodox communities; Miskolc; Orasvar; Rajka; and Stropkov.

I would like to particularly point out that with the addition of these records, we have completedtranscribing all Miskolc birth records.

In addition, the Beregszasz records are the first records available from Sub-carpathian Ukraine.

These accomplishments do not occur by themselves. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the volunteers who made this happen. They are Arie Beck, Mary Blumenstein, Gary Deutsch, Imre Grosz, Sam Guncler, Karen Katz, Diane Lazaar, Moshe Lorber, Sandy Malek, Zvika Oren, Judy Petersen, Al Silberman, Roberta Solit, Roslynn Snow, Michael Taub, Henry Wellisch, Amos Israel Zezmer, and Marelynn Zipser.

I would particularly like to mention that Roberta Solit and Marelynn Zipser are really the ones who made Beregszasz "happen." And without Gary Deutsch's persistence and leadership in transcribing Miskolc, having all the births online would still be a dream.

We continue in our quest to preserve our heritage and make all these records available to everyone.

Click here to visit JewishGen's Hungarian Database.

Sam Schleman
Project Coordinator
Hungarian Vital Records Project


  1. Preeva Adler TramielMarch 19, 2010 at 5:08 PM

    This is great! My family comes from Munkach

  2. The All Hungarian Database has become a great resource because of the efforts of scores of volunteers and donors. YOUR help and support is essential to growing this marvelous resource.


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