'Operation Attic' aims to rescue Holocaust artifacts

From the Jerusalem Post

The Ghetto Fighters House last week initiated Operation Attic, a rescue of documents, including letters, diaries and testimonies, and photographs and other artifacts from the Holocaust period that are lying in attics, basements and closets in communities around the world.

The Ghetto Fighters House (its full name is the Itzhak Katzenelson Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum and Study Center) was the first museum commerating the Holocaust and Jewish heroism, and was founded in 1949 by survivors who were members of Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot, between Acre and Nahariya.

Operation Attic is a response to the many instances of loss, destruction and disposal of artifacts from the Holocaust period that have historical value, Rami Hochman, director of the museum, said on Monday.

"Lately, we have been hearing about valuable materials that are located in Jewish homes in communities throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Canada and the USA," Hochman said. "One example of document rescue and restoration is the diary of Pola Elster, who was a fighter in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising [in 1943]."

The diary was brought to the Ghetto Fighters House by Nachi Rottenberg, the son of Wanda Elster-Rottenberg, who was also a fighter in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Pola's sister.

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