Russian Sobibor survivor remembers Demjanjuk

A Russian survivor of the Sobibor Nazi death camp says he can identify accused guard John Demjanjuk, Czech Radio reported on Wednesday, offering potentially crucial evidence for the former soldier's trial.

Demjanjuk, who fought in the Red Army before being captured and recruited as a Nazi camp guard, is on trial in Munich, accused of participating in the killing of 27,900 Jews at the extermination camp in occupied Poland.

He denies a role in the Holocaust.

Former Sobibor prisoner Aleksei Weizen told Czech public radio in an interview that he remembered Demjanjuk. "I remember him as a guard, I saw him before he took a group of detainees to work in the woods," the 87-year-old Russian told the station. This would be the first time someone could identify the accused directly, the radio station said.

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