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Posted by Ann Rabinowitz

(Courtesy of JW Magazine)

Every once in a while I come across new Jewish-oriented web sites or magazines and find that they are sometimes good sources of information in regard to genealogy or learning more about Jewish culture and our ancestors’ lives. One new publication which just came out is JW or Jewish Way Magazine. It is published four times a year and is distributed through a variety of channels to affluent families in Palm Beach, Aventura, Bal Harbour, Miami and South Beach, Florida.

It is a production of publisher Salomon Levy and Editor-in-Chief Nathalie Levy, who states that “it is the first lifestyle magazine created for the Jewish community of South Florida”. Further, she says that . . . “it will serve to guide, entertain, educate and inspire readers to think in new ways and try new things, presented with visual elegance and intelligent prose”. Quite a goal.

What I noticed is that there were a number of quite fascinating articles in this first issue, one of which was entitled “Return of the Ritual” by Monica Haim. It discusses a rooftop henna party in Tel Aviv. The Henna ceremony is held a few days to a week prior to the wedding or ketubah ceremony of a Sephardic bride and reflects the ultimate separation from her family to that of her husband to be. It was something I had heard about, but had not seen. The photographs of the design of the event were exotic and beautiful. The attention to such traditions of unique segments of our Jewish culture are well-worth reading about and perhaps give a fuller picture of the lives of those who came before us.

Another article was entitled “A Treasure in the Ukraine” by Jen Karetnick. It dealt with the beautiful cosmopolitan formerly Jewish town of Czernowitz, known in the olden times as the Vienna of the east. The photographs which accompany the text give a wonderful eye-view of some of the famous buildings of the town, many of which had Jewish origins.

While now only in hard copy; you can contact the magazine about subscriptions or information on articles which have been published. Their new online presence is located at: http://jewishway.com/index2.html.

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