Hungarian Database Update

Posted by Sam Schleman

We are pleased to announce that we have added
approximately 14,000 new birth, marriage and death records to JewishGen's All Hungarian Database.

Even more significant, this update completes the transcription of all Miskolc vital records available from the Hungarian National archives and filmed by the Family History Library of the Mormons.

There are now approximately 36,000 birth, marriage and death records for Miskolc in the database.

This is due primarily to the efforts and tremendous persistence of Gary Deutsch, who has worked on these records over a period of five or more years. Gary has both led a team of volunteers to accomplish this undertaking, while also transcribing the majority of these records himself.

The volunteers assisting Gary with the most recent records are András Hirschler, Moshe Lorber and Zvika Oren. A number of other volunteers assisted with the previous records, already in the AHD.

We are all grateful to Gary and his team for this major accomplishment. This is a tremendous contribution to Hungarian-Jewish genealogy.

There are now over 280,000 vital records and over 800,000 total records in the All Hungarian Database.

Sam Schleman
Project Coordinator
Hungarian Vital Records Project

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  1. This is awesome & exciting! I found a marriage record in there today I had been hoping for years to find!

    But there are also lots of records that haven't shown up at all. Can you clarify what's still outstanding? And are there other records for Hungarian Jews outside of these that one could locate by other means?

    Thanks so much for your hard work -- it's been exciting for me & my family to see the results!


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