ShtetLinks Update: Jewish agricultural colonies in Ukraine

The following update was posted by Chaim Freedman on his extensive ShtetLinks page devoted to Jewish agricultural colonies in Ukraine:

Considerable material has been added to the site over the last year. With the growing accessibility of Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian archives previously undiscovered material comes to light. Descendants of colonists, living in the former Soviet Union, are extracting material and developing their own sites.

First are two Russian books which contain extremely valuable information about the Ekaterinoslav colonies:

The books are the result of a very detailed census of the colonies made by Uleinikov in 1890 and Kankrin in 1893. Each book has an introduction with a general overview and statistics. The authors are quite biased - Uleinikov is a supporter of Jewish agricultural colonies and Kankrin is a severe critic. The most valuable feature of these books is the detailed census of the colonists' households. The books have also a brief overview of each colony with summary of history and facilities. Kankrin's book has detailed house/street handwritten plans of the ten colonies he studied, including sketches of the types of buildings.

Uleinikov has complete lists of heads of all families (surname, name and patronymic) in 17 colonies of Ekaterinoslav Province, Aleksandovsk and Mariupol Uyezds, with detailed record of family composition, military service, type of house, agricultural implements, livestock, land and its subdivision within family and notes about profession etc.

Kankrin studied in a similar fashion 10 colonies in Aleksandrovsk Uyezd and has even more information about colonists' families. He was obsessed with the idea that colonists in reality remained artisans and not worked much as agriculturalists.

Interview of Ukrainian residents of former Jewish colony Novozaltopol by Father Patrick Desbois; a horrifying account which demonstrates who actually carried out the massacre of nearly 800 Jews


Photographs from the St. Petersburg Film archive and World ORT Photographic archive taken of many colonies in 1904 and 1922 showing public buildings such as schools, synagogues, municipal offices, and farmhouses.

Nayzlatopler Rayon
"Nayzlatopler Rayon" (Novozlatopol Region) an account of the Sovietized colonies after the Revolution and Civil War.

Destruction of Jewish Tradition under the Soviet Administration
"Destruction of Jewish Tradition under the Soviet Administration"
: An article assessing the affect of Sovietization on the destruction of Jewish cultural and religious life with particular reference to the role of the Yevsekzia.

Revision lists
Revision lists from colonies Zelenopole and Mezhirech, 1850 and 1858.
Original Russian lists:

Memoirs of Grafskoy, 1907-1921
Memoirs of Grafskoy 1907-1921by the son of a rabbi of the colony include description of life on the colony and the reaction to the pogroms during the Russian Civil War which took place after the Revolution.

Prenumeranten Lists
Prenumeranten Lists (the list of subscribers)
from two books published in 1911 which include many residents of the colonies.

Jewish Agriculturalists
Excerpts from Jewish Agriculturalists 1807- 1887 (V. Nikitin):
Links/Other Resources

Thanks go to those who extracted, translated, processed and contributed to the acquisition of this material:

Bernshtam, Pavel
Comisarow, Mel
Farber-Sherman, Mitja
Freedman, Chaim
Giller, Lisa.
Govor, Elena
Heffler, Max
Komissarouk, Joseph
Pasik, Yakov
Ronn, Michoel

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