Update: Yizkor Book Project

Posted by Lance Ackerfeld,

Before outlining what has transpired in the month of November in the Yizkor Book Project, I would like to take time to salute our very (very) small but extremely dedicated team of volunteer htmlers - Max Heffler & Osnat Ramaty.
These wonderful people have been in the Yizkor Book for many, many years and their experience, patience and never-say-no attitude is very much appreciated. Max is also multi-tasking in a great deal of other projects and he is the man behind the regular updates of our necrology database - an extra salute to him!

The necrology database, by-the-way, can be researched
by clicking here.

And on the subject of research, I am often sent messages asking if a Yizkor book is available for a particular community. If this is a question you're been asking yourself, I highly recommend you look at our Yizkor Book database to see what book(s) are available for the community you're researching and if we have a Yizkor Book Project already online, you will note a hot link to the available translation in our site.


Something new to our projects. We have began adding in hot links (where
appropriate) from project main pages to the original Yizkor Books that are available at the NY Public Library site:


Since we have hundreds of books, we still have a lot to add but we see this a great help for those who are able to read the books in their original languages, and is on our long list of "things-to-do".

As always, the Yizkor Book Project relies on the help of its many volunteers and if you feel that you have time to assist - knowledge in translation or editing not a must, I would definitely like to hear from you.

Now to the November figures. During this last month we added:
  • 4 new projects
  • 17 new entries
  • 23 updates for existing projects:
All additions and updates have been flagged at http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/translations.html to make it easy to find them.

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