Wartime London - An Evacuees Memories

Posted by Ann Rabinowitz
Gerry Wiseman

Shared experiences during World War II in the United Kingdom have produced many reminiscences and memories of that time. One of these, by former Brit Gerry Wiseman of Westminster, Maryland, is to be found both online and on YouTube.

When I first found this four-part series on YouTube, it felt as it I was hearing my own mother’s voice again describing those times of Blitz (wartime bombings) and hardship. However, this was taking place in Pettycoat Lane, in the Jewish ghetto in the East End of London and not Manchester, England. Evidently, the experiences were of a similar and shared nature for many families during the war.

The family of Gerry Wiseman was composed of his father Harry Wiseman, his mother as well as siblings brothers Norman and Toby and sister Hetty. He describes in intimate detail the life of the family during the war and includes his experiences as a child evacuee.

The four-part series on YouTube produced in April, 2009, can be viewed below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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