Israel Independence Day

Posted by Ann Rabinowitz 
(originally published May 10, 2011)

As a tribute to Israel Independence Day (observed today - May 10, 2011), the Judaica Sound Archives (JSA) located within the Florida Atlantic University Libraries in Boca Raton, Florida, had just announced a wonderful selection of Israeli music. 

This music originates from a series of English language broadcasts made by the Western Hemisphere Service and the Israel Broadcasting Service during the 1960-1970 period entitled “Vistas of Israel.” About thirteen of these broadcasts were used to prepare the musical mix mentioned above and all 400 will be online at some later date in the future according to the JSA.

The songs in this Israeli Music Mix were produced on 16-inch disks <> and are found on the following thirteen online Vistas of Israel broadcasts:

The entire range of broadcasts are divided into the following categories: Children’s Songs, Folk, Instrumental, Pop, and Special Programs.

As usual, the JSA doesn’t disappoint in their online musical programming.  It is hoped that everyone will enjoy this musical program in honor of the Israeli pioneers.

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