NYPD Celebrates 100 Years Of Jewish Chaplaincy

From the Jewish Press by Elliot Resnick
"It's important not to forget where we come from, and who paved the way for where we are today," said Detective Paul Daniel of the New York Police Department.
About two years ago, Daniel was walking through the police burial grounds in the Cypress Hills Cemetery in Queens, and noticed the gravestone of Rabbi Abraham Blum, the NYPD's first Jewish chaplain. "I thought to myself," Daniel recalled, "wouldn't it be nice to honor a family member of each of the two previous Jewish chaplains?"
Finding a descendant of Rabbi Blum proved harder than expected - it took Daniel close to a year to track down a grandson. But last week, Daniel's efforts paid off when 250 people gathered at 1 Police Plaza in Manhattan to mark a century of Jewish chaplaincy in the NYPD and to celebrate and honor the department's three Jewish chaplains: Rabbi Blum (1911-1922), Reverend Isidore Frank (1922-1966) and Rabbi Dr. Alvin Kass (1966-present).
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