Secret Russian Archive Revealed on Eve of 70th Anniversasry of Operation Barbarossa

Posted by: Jan Meisels Allen

A secret Russian archive has revealed how thousands of Soviet citizens collaborated with Nazi invaders during WW II. The documents were retrieved from the files of the KGB and shows how many viewed the Germans as "Christian liberators"-and their own masters as godless Communists. When the Third Reich opened up 470 churches in North western Russia and reinstated priests driven from their pulpits by Stalin,the clergy in turn cooperated closely with SS death squads betraying Jews, Communist officials
and partisan resistance groups.

The archive, assembled by Professor Boris Kovalyov of the University of Novgorod, undermines the one-dimensional nationalist view of Soviet history.

The Nazis marched into Russia on July 22, 1941, the campaign was called Operation Barbarossa--which has known as the biggest military campaign in history.

The article does not mention as to when or if the documents will be available to the public.The article appears in the UK Daily Mail

Thank you to Genealogy News-weekly edition from Genealogy Today for posting the link and alerting us to the article .

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