Guest Post By Jay Paul
Back in August or September, I finally was able to track down the married name of my paternal great-aunt, about whom my father and his generation knew nothing, other than that she had married and moved to Omaha from Brooklyn, New York.
I did not know if communication stopped at that point, but no further information was available within the family. I used the Italian Genealogical Group's bride index to identify some possibilities, sent off for possible "hits" with respect to marriage certificates, and was finally able to identify her husband's name (and hence her married name). I found some U.S. Census data based upon that, but then the trail ran cold.
I turned to the JewishGen Discussion Groups at the end of September, and received much more assistance than I ever would have hoped. That led to email and then phone contact with two surviving second cousins by the end of October. As one lives in Alaska and one in Colorado, I was unsure as to how soon we would meet.
Recently, I finally met one of these cousins, and it meant a great deal to both of us. It never would have happened without the assistance of a number of very kind and comitted members of the Discussion Groups.
Many people responded, and I would like to thank you all once again, especially the repeated contributions of Barbara Zimmer and Renee Steinig to my search.
Jay P. Paul, PhD
San Francisco, CA USA
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