Zborow Births

Guest post by Michael Moritz 

Last year, I looked through the LDS microfilm for Zborow births, 1840-1864 and wrote down all entries for the surname Roth.
First, I'll mention my family.  Anna Stricker was born in Zborow in 1896, the daughter of Chaim Israel Stricker and Feige Roth. Feige was the daughter of Wolf and Keile Roth. Wolf and Keile had at least Isaac, Sucher and Feige Roth as children.
 Now I'll share all the entries:
Surname ROTH on LDS Microfilm: Zborow births, 1840-1864
1840 July Eljakim Abraham Aron Chana Chawe 
1840 October SaraAbrahamMalka Leja
1843 July Moses IserKesselJette
1843 September 18LazerSacherDebore Witte
1844 November 15ChaimAbrahamMalki Leja
1845 February 22BasseMosesFeige
1846 January 3Mendel WolfSzajaLane
1846 January 6SalomonSacherDebora Witte
1847 November 3NachmanSacherDebora Wittie
1849 February 9MarjemMosesFeige
1849 July13LejaAbrahamEttie
1849 December 10Sara Riwka/RoseSanwelChaja
1851February 15Malka SaraKesselJitte
1852 April 23MendelSemwelChaja
1852 October 9LeibOscarMalka
1853 September 17FischelKesselJutte
1854 January 19SalomonAbrahamEtie
1854 March 14SruelSusskindRebeka
1854 December 12MichlPinchasChapie
1855 September 28Freunde?WolfHene
1857 September 8Zizsel LeibSimcheTaube
1858 December 22AbrahamSacherDebora Wittie
1859 November 21EsterBerlBasie
1861 January 25SchulemBerlBassie
1861 March 15Isaac LeibEljukimRifke
1862 April 24HirschIsrael JacobSirke
1863 August 14Hirsch Salomon?Jan Rebeka
1864 January 25KasielJosephRysie

I hope this is helpful.

Michael Moritz

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