JewishGen 2011 Update

Posted by Avraham Groll

JewishGen today published its 2011 update, which highlights the efforts of thousands of dedicated JewishGen volunteers throughout the world. Topics include Fundraising, Communications, and general JewishGen features, along with a special section dedicated to the accomplishments of JewishGen’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
The update can be viewed below, or by clicking here.
Note: If you prefer to download a copy as a PDF, you can do so by clicking the “download publication” icon on the page linked above.
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  1. Dear Genners.
    My grandfather Yehuda Yosef Wengrower rabbi in Marki near Warsaw pass-away in 1915,my grandmother Rifka pass-away 1n 1922 and I found his grave in the cementery of warsaw but the grave of my grandfather didn't find I no have any idea in which cementery was buried,I would be very gratefully if anyone can guide me where to find place of is burial.
    Thank you
    Shimon Wengrower


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