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December 25, 2011
12:30 pm


92nd Street Y  - Buttenwieser Hall (92nd Street at Lexington Ave.) 


Genealogical Implications of Chasidic Ancestry
Rafael G. Guber 

Evidence indicates that most American Jews have some Chasidic ancestry. Knowledge of this provides the researcher with a wealth of genealogical information not found in conventional resources. This talk and power point presentation will respond to the following questions:  Why do most American Jews descend from Chasidic Ancestors?  How do you determine if you have Chasidic ancestry and which towns and regions are they from?   How can you access internally maintained Chasidic survivor lists and trees that can help locate relatives living and deceased?  How do you contact the genealogical representatives in surviving Chasidic communities?

Rafael Guber was an instructor and Founder of the Genealogy Project at the Jewish Enrichment Center in Manhattan. He is Co-Creator, with Janice and Billy Crystal, of “Finding Our Families Finding Ourselves,” at the Museum of Tolerance, LA, -- the world’s largest exhibit ever dedicated to genealogy.  Guber was a researcher and narrator for the History Channel’s “Ellis Island” and the award winning film “Conspiracy of Kindness.” His own family history was documented in the 4th episode of the PBS series “Ancestors.”  He has written for or has been quoted in  the NY Times and other newspapers and magazines.   

A member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), he has researched more than one hundred families over the last 18 years

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