New Content Added to JewishGen's Holocaust Database

Posted by Warren Blatt

Yesterday, we completed our 2011 update of the JewishGen Holocaust Database. More than 36 new collections - totaling more than 200,000 records - have been added. 

As always, we are grateful to the kind support from so many individuals, Jewish genealogical societies, historical societies, museums, and other organizations who enbaled us to acquire these valuable records.
Of particular note, the work of Nolan Altman (our Holocaust Database coordinator) should be applauded. The Holocaust Database would not be what it is without his tireless, and sensitive efforts.
Listed below are the recent updates, followed by the number of records in parenthesis: 
  • Kladavo Transport to Palestine (1,051)
  • Czechs in Mauritius (299)   
  • Jewish Partisans in Belarus 1941-44 (8,451)
  • Morts en Déportation (7,346)             
  • Dresden Lists (265)              
  • Peruvian Records (617)          
  • St. Gallen Arrivals (1,226)     
  • Mannheim Community (1,675)        
  • Munich Attorneys (194)      
  • Neu Stassfort Forced Laborers (168) 
  • Baden-Württemberg Lists (Mannheim Community Records) (1,993)       
  • The Strange Case of Internal German Deportations (143)    
  • Dutch Police Lists (2,997)
  • Sachsenhausen Deaths (1,504)                 
  • Last Letters from the Lodz Ghetto (4,022)
  • Schneidemühl Detainees (512)         
  • Auschwitz To Hessisch Lichtenau Transport List (1,000)
  • Liepaja Memorial Wall (6,428)
  • Lublin Death Register Nov 1941, Jan 1942 (681) 
  • Piotrkow Trybunalski Ghetto (10,761)             
  • The 1948 Warsaw Survivors List (5,680)          
  • New Romanian Lists (72,842)
  • Evidence Registers of Jews in Cahul Camp (525) 
  • Leova Holocaust-Period Records (556)                                         
  • Jewish Arrivals in Switzerland 1938-45 (21,730)
  • Dorosic Forced Laborers (396)         
  • Rovno Victims Killed in the Kostopol Forest (5,166)
  • Miskolc and Surrounding Towns Residents as Reported by Survivors (10,832)
  • Paraguay Arrivals (254)      
  • Dutch Survivors (24,163)
  • Selected Lists From 'The Jewish Advocate' (856)         
  • Tübingen Medical School Experiments (278) 
  • Karaganda, Kazakhstan Lists (190)                    
  • Gross Rosen Victims and Survivors (4,843)     
  • Women in Flossenbürg Branch Camps (15,842)         
  • Mantello El Salvadorian Certificates (2,160)  
In addition to the records listed above, we are plan to add the following records imminently:
  • Lublin Deportations (4,122)
  • Lublin Ghetto (815)     
  • Bergen-Belsen Prisoners (29,000)
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