From: Ron
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 10:29 AM
Mr. Blatt:
            This is to let you know that I sent my check to Jewishgen yesterday. I had a very special reason I would like to share with you. Four years ago I left a post searching for an Great Uncle who settled in England in ca 1900. I knew only his Russian last name. I forgot his first name and knew that he changed his surname. I forgot all about this message.
            Two weeks ago, a distant cousin who I never knew existed apparently saw my email, recognized our relationship and emailed me. Since then I discovered that her Mother still living, who I am a year older, remembered me as children, had visited our home with her Mother. She sent me a picture of my Mother as a teenaging and filled me in on my Grandfather's brother and his family. What I thought I would never learn suddenly became a reality.
Thanks to Jewishgen. Ron      
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