As part of JewishGen's commitment to bring our users useful information, we want to share the following message from one of our marketing partners.
Dear Fellow JewishGenner:
It’s hard to believe that twelve years have gone by since FamilyTreeDNA first announced its creation right here on the JewishGen Discussion Groups. Since that time, genetic genealogy has become an important part of the research process, and has helped establish many connections!
Because so many people have been successful, we are asking you, as a JewishGen user, to have your DNA tested.
With DNA testing, you can use:
  • Y-DNA to confirm your surname lineage (men only).
  • mtDNA to determine your family origin. (Did you know than 40% of all Ashkenazi Jews can be traced to four women!)
  • The “Family-Finder Test” to explore relationships across geographic location. (Ever wonder if part of your family came from the Middle East?!) 
Right now, all JewishGen users are eligible for special pricing on new test kits from  FamilyTreeDNA! The test is extremely easy, quick and pain-free.
Please click here to learn more and to order your DNA test kit today.
Bennett Greenspan
President, Family Tree DNA

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