Bessarabia Jewish Business Directory

Posted By: Harvey Kabaker

The 1924 Bessarabia Jewish Business directory project is complete. 

Bessarabia SIG has completed work on extracting names and other data for Jewish businesspeople active in the early 1920s in the eastern counties of Romania that formerly comprised the Bessarabia territory of pre-World War I Imperial Russia.

Files in HTML and .xls format are available on the Bessarabian Databases page are available by  clicking here.

They report on grocers, shopkeepers, teachers, local officials, stone carvers, butchers, bakers, innkeepers, lawyers, peddlers, rabbis, and many others who worked in Romania's nine eastern counties and Chisinau (the former Kishinev), and who apparently were Jewish. The 13,056 records represent 705 cities, towns, villages and hamlets.

The information was extracted from the "Socec Annuary of the Great-Roumania," dated 1924-1925, issued by the prominent Romanian publishing house Socec & Co. The Library of Congress calls the two-volume set a historic address book that "stands as the most complete survey of Greater Romania during the interwar period."

A detailed description of the project and notes on the source are available by clicking the title, "Bessarabia Business Directory, 1924-25" at the top of the page referenced above.

Volunteers who extracted the data were
  • Ala Gamulka, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Harvey Kabaker, Silver Spring, MD, USA
  • Paola Khalili, London, UK
  • Ayana Kimron
  • Yefim Kogan, Newton, MA USA
  • Alison Shein, Arlington, VA, USA
  • Flo Wolf, Atlanta, GA, USA
Harvey Kabaker
Project Manager, Bessarabia SiG

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