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I want to tell you about a tremendous new resource that Marilyn Robinson, Tara Levin, and Bena Shklyanoy have uncovered, each working independently. It is the Russian language website of the Center for Genealogical Research . Each entry is a short biographical paragraph about an individual. The paragraph often includes names of spouses or children. The entries are arranged alphabetically by surname. According to the website, the list covers the European territory of the former Russian Empire, people born before 1918. I estimate that about 10% of the names are Jewish.

The website contains about 420,000 primary surnames (almost 2,600 pages of primary surnames with about 160 names per page). Common surnames have multiple secondary pages, each with up to 15 people listed. For example the primary surname Kagan has six secondary pages with a total of 60 to 90 name entries. We estimate that the Center's website has more than 6 million individual name entries ... between 500,000 and 1 million Jewish name entries. A.M. Paramonov's "Encyclopedia of Names, Kharkov Province" seems to be drawn from this list. (We are more than half finished with the extraction of Jewish names and translating the entries. from Paramonov's Encyclopedia.)

The entries seem to be drawn from 5 reference works (all in Russian):

1) Address book of members of the All-Union Botanical Society; as of May 1, 1957. St. Petersburg. Publisher: USSR Academy of Sciences. Leningrad, 1958. (scanning funded by the Center for Genealogical Research)

2) City of Yekaterinburg. Collection of historical statistics and background information on the city, with an address pointer and including some information on the Yekaterinburg district.  A publication of Yekaterinburg Mayor I.I. Simanova. Yekaterinburg. Printed in /Yekaterinburg Week/ in 1889. (Scanning funded by Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company).

3) Picturesque Russia. / Volume 4. Part two. by P.P. Semionov; St. Petersburg - Moscow: 1881-1901, M.O. Wolf (bookseller-typographer). (scanning funded by Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company)

4) Complete list of officer ranks of the Russian Imperial Army on 1 January 1909.  St. Petersburg: Military press (in the building of the General Staff). (Scanning funded by the Center for Genealogical Research)

5) Russia. The full geographical description of our country. Desktop and road book. Volume 5. Urals and the Ural region./ St. Petersburg. Publisher: A.F. DeVries, 1914. (scanning funded Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company)

We need translators to extract the Jewish entries, translate them from printed Russian to English, and enter the translations in a spreadsheet. We will provide you with the spreadsheet template. Bena will serve as Project Manager until we can find a qualified Manager to take over the project. I have created entries for this project and its related data collection in our website database. You can get to it by clicking here.

Please contact me if you can help with this project, either as Project Manager or as a translator.


Ron Doctor (
Coordinator, JewishGen Ukraine
where Jewish genealogy is personal

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